HUBDAY Social & Digital Advertising


REPLAY Social & Digital Advertising 2022

Nov 24th
09:35 am CET - 09:50 am CET

[Opening Keynote] Outside the social link, the new dimension of networks

For a long time considered as a way to keep a social link, social networks have evolved to become much more than that today: information tools, e-commerce or political propaganda, they now offer...
Claire Plassart
HUB Institute
Senior Insights Analyst
Nov 24th
09:50 am CET - 10:00 am CET

Generational communication: How to stay in the loop with the younger generation... a fiery keynote for the 18+ crowd

Press Relations, Public Relations, Marketing, Social Networks, Brand Content, Advertising... many are the great assets of a good communication campaign. But at a time when the youngest generations...
Benjamin Puygrenier
Country Lead France
Nov 24th
10:00 am CET - 10:15 am CET

Who's Paying Attention? Reimagining Ad Measurement in a cookieless World with Club Med

Around the world, the advertising industry is collectively moving toward a more privacy-friendly digital ecosystem that includes the elimination of third-party cookies and the ability to track...
Vincent Jaudon
Head of Display & Paid Social
Alban Silve
Double Verify
Business Director
Nov 24th
10:15 am CET - 10:30 am CET

How does Wella drive effective dual targeting through influencer marketing?

Learn how professional brand Wella is developing its influencer marketing strategies to reach both beauty professionals and end consumers. Get all the tips and elements you need to ensure the...
Aurore Zondo
Influencer Marketing Manager
Nicolas Chabot
Chief Customer, Strategy and Partnership Officer
Nov 24th
11:25 am CET - 11:35 am CET

A new era for content on social networks: "Consumers are ready to be entertained and to buy"

Over the past few years, we've seen a real evolution in the way users interact with content. Dash Hudson calls this new and evolving era "The Age of Social Entertainment," an exciting new time that...
Cecile Klawatsch
Dash Hudson
Senior Manager, Sales Development
Nov 24th
11:35 am CET - 11:50 am CET

A new use for Social Data: Audience Intelligence at the heart of your Customer/Consumer strategies?

Deciphering your targets perfectly is the key to any strategy, digital or social. Audience Intelligence is the answer to this question. This approach consists in extracting powerful insights about...
Audrey Fleury
Digital Insighters
Co-Fondatrice et Dirigeante
Grégoire Garrel
Country Manager
Nov 24th
11:50 am CET - 12:00 pm CET

Discover mediaclip, INA's platform dedicated to content creators

At a time when video has become an essential element of communication, it has become essential to differentiate oneself in order to make an impression. How does mediaclip differ from other video...
Philippe Sartori
Responsable du département distribution & solutions professionnelles
Nov 24th
12:00 pm CET - 12:10 pm CET

#MissionEmploi : Pôle Emploi invests in social networks !

As a public service, Pôle Emploi has a particular responsibility towards job seekers and companies. It is in this context that Pôle Emploi is amplifying its presence on social networks and in...
Pascal Huguet
Pôle Emploi
Directeur-Adjoint de la communication externe & marque
Nov 24th
02:00 pm CET - 02:20 pm CET

[Opening Keynote] TikTok to Metaverse: the revival of social networks

Between the meteoric rise of TikTok, the explosion of the metaverse, the power of audio/video and the criticism of a toxic influence, social networks are entering a new era. But one dimension is...
Emmanuel Vivier
HUB Institute
Nov 24th
02:20 pm CET - 02:30 pm CET

The winning bet of a tripartite pole, Influence, Social Media and Public Relations: Key learnings of Club Med

INFLUENCE: discover the key phases of a global "set up" including the observation, test & learn and framing phases, before reaching the maturity stage, and therefore professionalization. A Club Med...
Tiphaine Neveu
Club Med
Head of Influence, Social Media & PR
Nov 24th
02:30 pm CET - 02:45 pm CET

How does Manucurist optimize its conversion rate with GenZ with Brut.

Manucurist is a pioneer brand in the innovation of clean and organic sourced nail polish formulas. In order to increase its notoriety among a GenZ target concerned about its health and environmental...
Gaëlle Lebrat Personnaz
CEO - Founder
Jean Chabbert
Responsable du développement des audiences
Nov 24th
02:45 pm CET - 02:55 pm CET

Video production in 2023: in-house or outsourcing? That is the question.

Video is already the first type of content preferred by brands on social media, with 86% of companies using it as a marketing tool. To meet this goal, a video production strategy becomes key and...
Juliette Pauthe
Key Accounts Director
Nov 24th
02:55 pm CET - 03:10 pm CET

How does Cofidis develop its presence and audience on each social ads platform?

Stéphanie Dubois
Social Media Manager
Raphael Paillet
ESV Digital
Directeur Conseil
Nov 24th
03:10 pm CET - 03:25 pm CET

Jamy & Epicurieux decipher electric mobility for Dacia

In 2021, Dacia partnered with Epicurieux, the media co-created by Jamy and Webedia, to create educational and entertaining content around electric mobility. In 2022, the partnership between the car...
Sandrine Paralieu
Dacia France
Head of Digital and Advertising
Laurèna Jouvin
Directrice des opérations Epicurieux
Nov 24th
04:25 pm CET - 04:40 pm CET

The creative ambition of the Paris 2024 brand

Creating an Olympic brand means theorizing the marketing of the ephemeral and inventing products that can broadly engage the population while maximizing revenue in a constrained time frame.
Julie Matikhine
Paris 2024
Directrice de la Marque
Nov 24th
04:40 pm CET - 04:50 pm CET

How do you win the battle for attention with Gen Z?

While traditional media consumption is in free fall among Gen Z, but social networks pose new creative challenges, what are the solutions available to continue building brand equity? PepsiCo shares...
Jean-Guilhem Calvet
Senior Communication and Media Manager
Nov 24th
04:50 pm CET - 05:05 pm CET

Renault Group's multi-event platform: how covid has permanently reinvented event management for brands.

From the initial brief "a Netflix of events" to the coverage of events such as the Paris Motor Show, Renault Group and Tequilarapido look back at the launch of the digital platform hosting all the...
Laura Vedel
Renault Group
Digital Content & Events Senior Manager
Thibault Tréhin
Directeur de clientèle
Nov 24th
05:15 pm CET - 05:25 pm CET

What are the current challenges for artists and labels on social networks?

Developing the visibility and engaging the audiences of artists on Social Networks through their content, their music and their project is one of the missions of Warner Music France. Suzy Guinot,...
Suzy Guinot
Warner Music France
Head of Paid Media
Nov 24th
05:25 pm CET - 05:35 pm CET

Hello Casto ! How Castorama enriches its customer experience with a DIY voice assistant?

New, innovative and intuitive, discover Hello Casto, the very first DIY voice assistant that makes your life easier. Aurélie Radenac, Brand Content, Social Media and PR Manager at Castorama, will...
Aurélie Radenac
Responsable communication Brand content, Média Sociaux et RP
Nov 24th
05:35 pm CET - 05:45 pm CET

France 2023 : The Rugby World Cup of the Territories

With one year to go before the 2023 Rugby World Cup, the France 2023 Organizing Committee is seeking to mobilize rugby fans throughout France, thanks in particular to a solid network of partners....
Emmanuel Bouscasse
World Cup Rugby 2023
Head Of Communications / Directeur Délégué à la Communication