Urbanloop provides a unique solution that is the source of several simultaneous disruptions: -It allows you to move faster than all existing modes of transportation in the city: Urbanloop will go 4 times faster, even during rush hour. - With Urbanloop, it is not the user who waits for his capsule, but the capsule that waits for its passenger. - It allows for perfect integration into the urban landscape. Sometimes underground, often at ground level, sometimes in the air, it adapts and integrates easily into the city. - Better than the car, it is the only system that is efficient regardless of urban density. - Compact and individual, UrbanLoop reduces the energy required for travel. Electric, it does not pollute the city. Lightweight, it consumes little and ultimately costs little (4 times less than a streetcar and 20 times less than a metro).


Urbanloop, des essais en taille réelle pour le transport urbain du futur
"Urbanloop", le projet écologique pour vider les centres-villes des voitures

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