Kumpan electric


Kumpan electric was founded in 2010 by three part German and part Swedish brothers and became known as a manufacturer of electric scooters from Germany. We are a well awarded, international operating, green economy startup. We develop, produce and sell stylish electric vehicles (20-120 km/h) and energy storage systems for end consumers, fleets and sharing companies (B2C, B2B). What is the problem you are solving? We allow people to move environmentally friendly and without emissions, to a fair price (on the Vespa level). Never waste time again for searching a parking spot. What is unique about your solution? We develope, produce and sell. With 150 km reach we have the longest distance (reach) in the market. We have the most flexible battery system (three batteries). We have a great design. We have 7 years of experience in this new market. Peter Carlsson EX VP Tesla Supply Chain and founder of Northvolt just invested in Kumpan electric. We are aiming towards a zero emission production process. We manufacture in Germany.

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