Ville de Montréal


Montreal is the largest city in Quebec and the second most populous city in Canada, after Toronto and before Vancouver. It is located on the island of Montreal, on the St. Lawrence River in southern Quebec, of which it is the metropolis. Its urban area, called the Montreal Metropolitan Region, includes more than 4 million inhabitants. Montreal is a warm, cosmopolitan and multicultural city. It is certainly the most bilingual city in Canada, although Francophones are a clear minority and make up only 23% of the population. Culture is celebrated here: music, art, food and the freezing temperatures do not prevent Montrealers from living and partying, indoors and outdoors. People get around on foot, by bike or by public transportation. 375 years after its founding, Montreal elected its first mayor, Valérie Plante: "Together, let's offer ourselves an inspiring, open, diversified and modern city. Together, let's make the Montreal of our dreams a reality".

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