Sustainable Paris Forum 2020

HUB Institute is fully committed to bringing relevant solutions to the 17 SDGs

The 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), adopted in 2015 by the Member States of the United Nations, are a priority to envisage a more sustainable future. By precisely naming the major issues of our century, they help guide today’s decision-makers.

Despite the breadth and complexity of the processes at work, many responses exist. In order for their positive impacts to radiate on a wider scale, it is necessary to support the actors who carry these solutions. This is precisely one of the missions of the HUB Institute, and particularly that of the Sustainable Paris Forum, which will be held on 1st and 2nd December.

The whole team is involved to make this edition an unmissable moment for solutions makers, whether they are elected, researchers, advisors, entrepreneurs… A single objective : to develop awareness on sustainable issues through the sharing of insights and good practices, relating to leadership, monitoring and training.

The HUB Institute brings together a community of 120 organizations committed to sustainable, HR and digital transformation

A community of decision-makers with access to inspiring and business case-rich events, trend reports & ongoing monitoring as well as unique relationships with our ecosystem according to their needs and challenges.

The HUB Institute trains more than 10,000 people per year through these level modules according to the degree of maturity of its clients

Find out how to train your teams and leaders in sustainable development: CSR, circular economy, sustainability, ESS, social and solidarity economy, positive impact,...

HUB Institute publishes benchmarks and studies to share best practices and push sustainable topics to organizations and companies

The breakthrough of the environmentalist vote in municipal elections is a good example of this: citizens' expectations have changed. It is urgent for elected officials to ask themselves about the major issues of the ecological transition and the concrete initiatives to be put in place to make cities more sustainable.

To support elected officials in the sustainable transition of their region, we organized a Sustainable Cities Summit bringing together experts from all walks of life: elected officials, major groups, SMEs, start-ups and institutions.

Because the city of tomorrow can only exist through co-construction, by forging links between the public and private sectors.

The city of tomorrow will have to meet 10 major challenges that we will detail in these proceedings.

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